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We help in the defense and protection of your business objectives against new regulations and institutional changes that may impact them; we also promote the creation of government relations based on trust and the sustainability of mutual interests

What do we do?

Vali Team assists its clients in the comprehensive understanding of the non-market sector in which they operate. We help in the defense and protection of your business objectives against new regulations and institutional changes that may impact them; we also promote the creation of government relationships based on the trust and sustainability of mutual interests.


We help our clients in establishing positive social dialogues with decision makers, seeking to participate as actors in the construction of the rules of the game.

We believe that excellence in the management of government affairs starts from thinking of companies as corporate citizens capable of offering important solutions to the problems of society.








Our high-level relationships with policy makers and legislators allow us to provide our clients with timely insights to understand the political landscape and regulatory dynamics that can impact their business objectives.

We have regulatory and legislative intelligence services, strategic public affairs counseling and analysis of political contexts and power dynamics.

We carry out informative and communicational monitoring and analysis, establishing specific power maps, postures and interactions of the actors.

Construction and maintenance of long-term institutional relations, which allows the creation of consensuses and coalitions that facilitate the relationship with key actors, both in government and in Congress.

We offer constant legislative monitoring, identifying the formulation, formality and dynamics processes around legislation and public policies that concern our clients. Thus achieving the generation of early warnings regarding the status of the procedure and possible course of discussion.

We identify decisions that are made from all institutional levels, offering a real perspective to the client on the regulatory issues that directly or indirectly affect him. Identifying positions for and against the bills in process.

Mapping of actors in the Congress of the Republic, identifying possible allies, opponents and influencers in the legislative process.

Construction of strategies and consolidation of speeches that allow to transmit the technical arguments regarding the draft Law of interest to our client.

We carry out a risk analysis through the constant tracking of information and its production, which allows to overcome the uncertainty and have the tools to make comprehensive decisions about law initiatives that are of interest to our client.

We recognize the possible points of conflict and opportunities that can arise from both institutionality and civil society.

We have partners in the construction of strategies that allow our clients to deal with crisis situations both in the political and communication scenario.

Strategic Communication

Using our analysis and understanding the needs of our customers, we create a communication strategy on how and when to communicate and who should receive our message. We believe that the right channel is as important as the perfect message.

Media Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis

Public Opinion Analysis


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